Who is Really in Charge in Costa Rica?


Commentary by Captain Alex Cornelissen

About a month ago I was asked to fly to Costa Rica and meet with politicians and our local lawyer to see if we could find a solution for the insane court case Captain Watson is being dragged into. I met with the Minister of Environment and several of his staff and in a closed-door meeting we came to several agreements. One of which was that we would not talk to the press about this. To my surprise, two days later I read an article in a Costa Rican paper quoting word for word what I said in the meeting; so much for closed-door meetings with Costa Rican politicians.

Our strategy from the beginning of this case has been to try to work with the authorities in Costa Rica. Despite the desire of the vast majority of our supporters, we have not only kept quiet about a tourist boycott, we have even advised against the boycott believing we can find a solution that will help Costa Rica, Sea Shepherd and most importantly, the sharks. We have offered to return to Costa Rica and continue where we were stopped ten years ago. Our offer even went further, I personally promised we would fund and install an AIS network around Cocos Island; similar to what Sea Shepherd has done in the Galapagos. After all we have the knowledge and the experience to do so. Such a network would instantly improve control of Cocos Island National Park. But apparently there are things happening around Cocos Island that the Costa Rican government does not want the world to see.

We listened to the lies of the Varadero I crew, printed in the Costa Rican newspapers, took abuse from people who were quick to side with the poachers, and all this time we listened to the same argument that nobody should think they can be above the law.

Let us make this very clear: Captain Watson never claimed he was above the law, Sea Shepherd always operates within the law, in fact we uphold the law.

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Once upon a time


In a land far, far away, Faroese people were living harmless and happy and loving their nature and their tradition

Then fucking Paul Watson came along and he deserves true death

The End

It maybe Tradition, but Tradition doesn’t mean it’s right.

Captain Paul Watson’s Arrest Appears to Be Bad News for the Shark Finners of Costa Rica


The month of June 2012 has been an unusually busy month in Costa Rica for intercepting shark fins. The Costa Rican fishing vessel Yamauke was boarded yesterday by the country’s Coast Guard. They found 120 shark fins that had been crudely hacked off.

The vessel and catch were confiscated.

According to the Costa Rican Star there is more vigilance due to the publicity generated by the arrest of Captain Paul Watson.

“On June 20th, the National Assembly issued a report in which the Environmental Legislative Commission acknowledged that it had once again reviewed File Number 16890, a Special Investigation into the Shark Fin Trade in Costa Rica. This file has been floating around since July 2008, but the recent arrest of Sea Shepherd Conservation Society founder Paul Watson and his pending extradition has brought about a new focus of this issue.”- Costa Rica Star, June 26th, 2012

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